Expert witness

Our team have all each been appointed as single joint experts as well as court appointed experts in a significant number of cases ranging from criminal proceedings before the UK Courts, family proceedings, commercial disputes in the UK and international arbitration matters.

Our experts have a hands-on role throughout any assignment, and are personally involved throughout as a case develops. Therefore you get the benefit of their experience throughout each stage of an assignment, and not just at the outset (or at the pitch!) and then at the next critical stage such as a mediation or trial.

Other services

Our flexible approach means we can offer bespoke solutions and services to ensure our approach is tailored to deliver the optimum benefit to enable you to achieve your aim. For example, you may specifically want to have a report to use as a basis for decision making, not suitable for disclosure, but when you need to know the strengths and weaknesses of your claim in order to formulate a strategy that accurately reflects your likely best and worst case scenarios.

If you have already appointed an expert witness, or there has been a single joint expert appointed, we are happy to act as shadow experts or in some other advisory role providing our opinion on any expert reports along with informative and probing questions. This ensures an element of quality control when dealing with an expert already appointed.

Whatever your forensic accounting requirement, we will be happy to assist.