Dispute Resolution

Transparent and concise expert advice, assisting our clients achieve successful outcomes to their disputes across all resolution forums.

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Fraud Investigations

Detailed, complex, forensic analysis of the facts explained in language easily understood by judges and juries.

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Insurance Claims

Providing accountancy evidence to individuals, corporates, legal teams and insurers throughout the whole claims process.

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Valuation Services

Robust, technical company valuations, supported by detailed accounting and economic evidence.

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Latest Publications

We are often asked to analyse directors’ loan accounts (DLAs) in the context of a variety of different circumstances. This article explains the role of DLAs and some of the misunderstandings surrounding them.

pdfDirectors Loan Accounts.pdf

Following a disruption to normal trading, the accounting records may be the last thing on management’s mind. However, it is often efficient to collate evidence from the start, and this article details the key accounting information ordinarily required to justify a claim for business losses.

pdfFinancial Information To Support A Claim For Loss Of Profits.pdf

Any business valuation will be dictated by the quality and integrity of the information that underpins it. We summarise below the key information that is needed for a reliable valuation.

pdf Information Required To Value A Business.pdf