Greg Lacey

Greg Lacey is the Managing Director of FAR Consulting, and is notionally based in Manchester. Formerly at a Big 4 firm, Greg is a chartered accountant and law graduate.

Greg has represented clients as an expert witness in Court, at mediations and prepared reports as an expert, a single joint expert and court appointed expert. He has experience of a wide variety of cases including contract and pricing disputes, business interruption matters, business valuation and compensation claims against various banks.

Greg's recent cases include acting for various companies bringing mis-selling claims against a bank, assessing losses stemming from defective construction of a wind-farm, quantifying losses suffered by a catering company in respect of a contract with a professional football club, assessing the loss to a retailer following a CPO and quantifying losses suffered over 20 years by a Chinese distributor following breach of contract by a UK manufacturer to supply medically licensed/approved assisted breathing devices for distribution throughout China.

Phil Southall

Phil Southall is based in Birmingham. Upon qualifying as a Chartered Accountant with Ernst & Young in 1999 he specialised in forensic accounting, and over the next five years became responsible for managing significant commercial loss claims and "black-hole" investigations. In 2003 Phil joined a top 20 law firm, providing detailed forensic analysis and advice on settlement strategies.  Whilst in this post, Phil was involved with the design, development and rollout of their award winning approach to disputes, which includes the use of "decision analysis" in litigation.

Since joining FAR Consulting Phil has acted as expert in both civil and criminal matters, including contractual disputes, breach of warranty claims and completion accounts disputes, loss of earnings and profits claims, shareholder and matrimonial disputes, alleged fraud and confiscation proceedings, and he has also led investigations into multi-million pound black-holes.  Phil has significant experience of representing his clients in settlement meetings and mediations and has also given evidence in Court.

Simon Paley

Prior to joining FAR Consulting in 2007, Simon trained with Ernst & Young in their owner-managed businesses department, specialising in advising and preparing financial statements for growing companies in a number of industries.  Upon qualification, he moved to the forensic services team where he spent more than 10 years and became one of their most respected forensic accounting specialists in the Midlands. There, he gained experience advising clients on purchase price adjustment mechanisms, completion accounts, breach of warranty claims and other transaction-related disputes.

Simon has worked across a broad range of financial disputes, and has acted as both an expert and single joint expert in business valuation matters (particularly in the context of matrimonial disputes) and commercial and contractual disputes. Simon has been appointed expert in relation to a number of high profile commercial agency disputes, and given evidence at the High Court and at International Arbitration. He also has experience of giving expert evidence at the Crown Court, in relation to white collar crime and confiscation proceedings.

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