Using forensic analysis, innovative thinking, specialist and investigative training and, if required, state of the art computer forensic tools provided by a reliable high profile business partner, we are able to provide an outstanding investigative service.

We provide practical strategies and advice designed to limit the impact of an incident, and identify the range of likely outcomes and the critical success factors which will ultimately determine recoverability.

We have significant experience of working with clients to identify how a “black hole” has arisen, whilst minimising disruption to the company and ensuring that financial and commercial considerations are taken into account. In these circumstances, we have provided advice as to any potential negligence claims against auditors or other advisors. Furthermore, as either a proactive or reactive assignment we also have experience of advising clients on the implementation of systems and changes in control procedures to offer improved protection against fraud.

Our recent experience includes investigating and reporting on claims for:

  • procurement fraud;
  • employee expenses fraud;
  • accounting “black holes”;
  • allegations of fraudulent or unlawful trading;
  • inappropriate diversion of trade; and
  • financial motive following insurance claims.

Recent cases include:

Acting on behalf of a global e-commerce retailer to investigate an alleged fraud by two of its registered vendors.  Based on analytical review and cross-referencing of thousands of transaction records, we were able to demonstrate trends indicative of fraudulent activity (essentially, sales recorded with no goods being shipped).  Our analyses formed the basis of the client’s private prosecution against those vendors.

Acting for pharmacy in bringing claim against former accountants in respect of fraud committed by an employee of the accountancy practice who had siphoned money out of the pharmacy business

Investigating allegation of embezzlement by the managing director of a leading UK medical research charity.