Almost uniquely within the UK, FAR Consulting provides a specialist in-house forensic accounting service to law firms and insurers. An in-house forensic accounting capability delivers a number of benefits, the biggest of which include immediate access to expertise when assessing losses, at a fraction of the cost. The combination of specialist legal and accounting advice ensures the client gets the right advice regarding all aspects of every claim, liability, causation and damages. We have found that our in-house service is particularly attractive to law firms handling large volumes of cases, as we can add huge value (on just about every case) at minimal cost, providing excellent value for money. By acting as an in-house consultant, it means that:

  • each file dealt with by the legal team receives the benefit of specialist forensic accounting input at very competitive rates;
  • we typically spend only 2-3 hours reviewing a particular claim, or whatever is sufficient to make an informed assessment as to actual and potential overstatements, outstanding documents, strengths and weaknesses of each claim and settlement strategies, empowering you at an early stage to make the right decision; and
  • there is no administration or set up costs for each case (e.g. individual letters of instruction, selecting appropriate expert), for either the legal team or us, which can both bring significant savings to you in terms of your own costs.

Therefore the usual cost/complexity hurdle that has to be cleared before forensic/ counsel’s advice is requested is instantly removed. We become part of your team and fit in to your way of doing things, providing a real value added differentiator to those without this capability. Quite simply, a well timed two or three hour overview can provide numerous benefits to you and/or your clients, which are summarised in our: Summary of benefits of in-house forensic accountants page.