Business valuations often form the crux of a contentious dispute, including the following:

  • shareholder and partnership disputes, where one party is seeing to buy-out the other, or in circumstances where a minority shareholder is claiming unfair prejudice;
  • compulsory purchase order compensation claims, where the business affected has been extinguished;
  • matrimonial matters, where the assets of one (or both) parties are represented by business interests;
  • post-acquisition disputes, including breach of warranty claims; and
  • contractual disputes, including commercial agency compensation claims.

The valuation of a business is an inexact science. The value will often depend on the anticipated future prospects, not only of the business involved but also of the industry in which it operates and the wider economy more generally. Those prospects cannot be predicted with certainty, and in order to present a reliable and robust assessment a valuer must demonstrate sound and commercial professional judgement.

Drawing on our forensic expertise and valuations experience, we are able to provide a commercial approach to business valuation. We are regularly instructed to provide a range of valuations for the business concerned, with an opinion as to where the value might most reasonably fall within that range. This advice, often provided at the pre-action stage, assists in formulating an efficient and proportionate litigation strategy.

At the other end of the spectrum, we are able to provide a comprehensive expert valuation report, acting on behalf of either one of the parties involved or as a single joint expert.