We are able to assist both businesses facing a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) against them or the acquiring authority. Using our experience and knowledge of the relevant regulations and issues, we are able to work with you and your professional advisers to ensure that you achieve a satisfactory resolution of the claim.

Our work often entails:

  • advice to assist in negotiations, whether to help formulate advance payment requests or to determine the ultimate compensation payable; and
  • providing expert evidence to the Lands Tribunal.

The nature of the compensation payable will depend on whether the business is extinguished or relocated.

If alternative premises cannot be identified, the business (or, sometimes, simply a branch) might be extinguished. Using our commercial experience of valuing businesses, we are able to assist in assessing its true worth. This often entails quantification of goodwill, based on trading multiples of comparable businesses operating in the same sector.

As well as additional costs, a relocated business might suffer a loss of profits whilst the old premises are being decommissioned and also during the “bedding in” period at the new premises.

Often, we are asked to consider issues such as mitigation – has the owner of the business done everything possible to minimise the losses suffered during the period of disruption? – and betterment. Furthermore, it might be necessary to consider trends in trading performance in the period prior to relocation, extraneous factors, and the extent to which losses have arisen in the pre- and post-vesting periods.